Craft CMS Image Optimization & Compression


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Download the compression script here and use a free trial account to fully test ImageRecycle with craft.

This script has been tested with Craft and is compatible with all the servers that run PHP. It means that you just need to upload a folder of files on your server, then you can start  compressing all images and PDF of this server.



Craft Image and PDF Compression Dedicated Script


The Craft images and PDFs compression uses our super light standalone script, so it'll be always compatible with the latest Craft version and connected to our latest API version. The install does not require any database, just a script upload in the same repository as Craft and run the installation routine.

Automatically create & optimize all responsive image transforms with zero actions, just by uploading assets to Craft.


Setup Craft Image Optimization Quality: Lossy vs Lossless


We do care about your Craft image quality, our algorithm has 2 levels of compression for images and one for the PDF. In all optimization levels, we first check the image quality, if it's already too much compressed and it'll be visible, we automatically skip the compression process.

The "Best saving" or "Lossy" image optimization quality is the best choice for the web, you preserve all the visual quality while compressing image by up to 80%

The original quality is the best option when you want to compress yet be able to reuse and modify images layer by preserving 100% of the image data. Image can be compressed by up to 20%


Compression of Craft Image Assets


Craft uses “image transforms” to automatically resize images on upload by using a set of rules rules. Transforms are non-destructive, meaning that they have no effect on the original image quality that was uploaded.
When you upload an image to a Craft content or using specific Craft plugins, your system will generates thumbnails or store images in cache. The Craft image compression can be performed just before that image resizing or caching or just after by selecting specific thumbnail server folder or cache folder to compress.

This optimization method options offers the advantages of:

  • Saving server resources (space and CPU mainly)
  • Avoid compression of super large images
  • Faster media manager loading when generating thumbnails


Background Compression and Auto Optimize Craft Images and PDF


Once the script is installed you can launch a compression on the entire Craft media library. The optimization process will run in background, meaning that you can work with Craft during this time and you'll get Emailed once it's done! A cron task need to be stup and that'll be all.


Optimize Automatically New Craft Images


Stay focused on your Craft pages and content while we're dealing with the image compression. Using a cron task that require almost no server resources, launch automatically image and PDF compression using ImageRecycle servers.


Craft Images One Month Backup and Restore


We store a Craft original and compressed image (encrypted) during the backup storage time (1 month). During this period you can revert to original images, all reverted media will be replaced on your Craft automatically.


Image and PDF Compression for Craft Websites Using Sub-accounts


Once you subscribe a membership you have access to an unlimited sub-accounts creation. You can then define a sub-account per client with his own API key and Image + PDF compression quota. This quota can quota can be splitted in an unlimited number of sub-accounts, used in any Craft website, other CMS or systems.


Save Server and CDN Fees with Craft PDF and Image Compression


It's not a secret that Craft is running large and heavy websites, so compressing images and PDF will reduce:

  • The amount of storage required for your Craft media
  • The bandwidth fees or limitation applied by hosting companies
  • CDN bandwidth fees


3rd Party Plugin and CMS Integration, The Media Compression in Craft and More


ImageRecycle have the largest amount of integration regarding CMS and partners:

  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify dedicated extensions
  • Using our script you can compress images in: Preatshop, October CMS, Drupal, Concrete5, Craft CMS
  • It works with all the Craft extensions that uses images


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Download the image compression script here:


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