Whether you are running an: Ecommerce, high traffic portal, communication website or developping website, discover how much time you can save and SEO rank & money you can earn. Based on real website data.

Ecommerce case study

Ecommerce case study

Running an Ecommerce website: save loading time and earn money

Amazon's calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost 1% in sales each year (1.6 billion). Discover how ImageRecycle can reach the speed mentioned bellow on your website.

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Communication case study

Case study communication

Content compression is the most efficient way 

When you've finished a website for you or your client, then the time of optimization comes. You've created an amazing design with full width slideshow, blog views, banners...
There's a lot of tools and tricks to optimize a website, overall you there's 2 main things to handle:

  • The server side optimization
  • The content side optimization

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High traffic website case study

Case study high trafic

Save server resources, get better SEO

Mind your page load time, note that the crawl works on a budget - if it spends too much time crawling your huge images or PDFs, there will be no time left to visit your other pages. 2 years ago, Stackexchange website have reduces his page weight by 2 with a full content optimization. The crawled pages number stats from Google Webmaster Tools report an increase of 100% of the indexed pages.

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Webdesigner case study

Case study webmaster

Building website: save all the time wasted in image optimization

When you're building a website from a Photoshop file, one big part of the job is to find the best format and compression to apply on images. Finding the best tunes helps you to have a nice design but you have to export images as light as possible in the same time. As Photoshop is applying a global compression on images it's quite complex to have both light and high quality images.

Now it's over, don't even think about it, work fast and we'll optimize images once you're working on something else!

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