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Terms of services

ImageRecycle is a LG consulting PTE.LTD company that grants you a non-exclusive licence to use our products.


1. Limited Usage Granted

You have the right to use LG Consulting products on undefined website. You can download the products as often as you need within the membership period. 

2. Licence

All the LG Consulting products are developed under GNU General Public Licence. 

3. Modifications

You are allowed to make any modifications to our products to improve and get a better 

4. Updates

All during your membership and depending which plan you've subscribed, it may have update on API, website, CMS plugins that require to update the service that you buy. 

5. Delivery

After we received your payment for your membership, you will receive an email to your providing email. 

6. Assignability

You may not sub-subscribe, assign, or transfert this subscription. You can use sub accounts for that purpose. 

7. Damages

ImageRecycle is not responsible in any damages or consequential damages, losses. 

8. Warranty

ImageRecycle disclaims all warranties of any kind. We will not assume any issue from third component or template. 

9. Refund

ImageRecycle does offer the possibility to cancel monthly subscription at any time from your account panel or payment system such as Paypal. So we do not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions based.

Once we have purchased a yearly subscription, the sale is final, and you may not return the software for a refund or credit. Please be cautious and make sure you know what you are purchasing.

Under exceptional, specific following circumstances imageRecycle can provide refund:

  • You haven't use any of your credit during one year

We don't offer refund on "your software is not what I need" basis. Finding a bug in our products is not a reason for a refund. If you do find bugs, please use support to solve them and push an update.

In the event of a mistake purchase, please post a ticket to our billing department using our support system. In order to evaluate our products you can use a 15 days trial license. 

10. Affiliate accounts - Closed since 22 June 2020

ImageRecycle is paying affiliates % fees according to the affiliate terms mentioned in the affiliate area.
Every action performed which isn’t compliant with the rules, any type of illegal activity designed with the intention to cheat users, buyers or companies will result in an affiliate account closing with any payouts or notifications.

Affiliate fraud inclusion:

  • Affiliate fraud methods that uses fake content or coupon
  • Direct/Redirect link to any page of our domain from search engine advertising tools (Google Ads like)
  • Direct/Redirect link to any page of our domain from search engine advertising tools using our brand name to fake user

Affiliate coupon websites:

  • We do not accept coupon content websites as affiliate if that website is a coupon list and does not describe and review, our product and/or company
  • We do not accept coupon listing websites as affiliate if that website contain a Direct/Redirect link to any page of our domain from search engine advertising tools (Google Ads like)

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