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Best of automatic WordPress translation plugins

Having a website in English is a good idea to reach a lot of persons as it is true that this is a language that a big part of the world speaks but this is also true that a lot of these persons don’t perfectly understand it, this could be an issue when trying to sell a product or maybe provide information.

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Compress and Optimize Images for Easy Digital Downloads

What do your users and customers appreciate most about your WordPress storefront? Great deals and a variety of products are both good answers. If you use Easy Digital Downloads, how about you give them one more aspect to appreciate about your ecommerce website? A blazing fast storefront has never attracted criticism!

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Compress and Optimize Images with Responsive Lightbox & Gallery Plugin

WordPress galleries, such as those created by the Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin, are a combination of elegance and convenience. With galleries, you do not have to worry about re-arranging images. You also save space and can include as many images as you want. The problem is that a gallery is also bigger in size than a single image, and therefore it can result in slower loading times on your WordPress blog.

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Linguise translation mobile