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Fast to deliver, fast to display

Images and PDF can represent from 60% to 80% of the whole website weight.

Fast loading is good for users and business

People are impatient in front a slow loading website, that's the result of a recent study. Amazon's calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost 1% in sales each year (1.6 bilion). It's even worst for Google, slowing its search results by just four tenths of a second they could lose 8 million searches per day, meaning millions fewer adverts revenues. Source statistica.com.

Image and PDF optimization for a faster loading keep the visitors on your website.

Here's an illustration of the impact of a slow loading time.
Percent of user leaving the website per loading time, 4 second loading causing 24% of visitors to leave.


Even better on mobile devices

Latest global statistics said that mobile traffic now reached around 25% of the whole website visitors. As a consequence, mobile users are consuming more and more data. Source Wearesocial.

You can have the fastest server on earth, mobile user will need to download your website content. That's why it's even more important to compress images and PDF, so mobile visitors will have less content to download to have the first element displayed.

mobile speed data


Image and PDF optimization is good for server

If you're using a dedicated server, the bandwidth and the storage are important part of the resource you've subscribed for. Plus, adding CDN can increase significantly this cost. With an average image size reduction of 50% multiplied by your the simultaneous visitor connection that download PDF and images, you'll be happy to make the calculation.

500Ko saved on a page x 10 visitors result 5Mo of content saved. And it's just one page for 10 visitors!

Your website will be faster for everyone, visitors don't leave, save time and you save money.