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Image and PDF compression

Imagerecycle algo toolsWe've developped a unique algorithm and advanced tools based on it, to make the optimization process easier

JPG image compress

The jpg optimization tool is capable of reducing the file size of standard JPEG photos by up to 85% (5x +), while the resulting photos are visually identical to the original photos.

The script on the server is making a full analysis of:

  • Colors radius sizes
  • Textures
  • Patterns

Once the script detect some elements that can be optimized it runs the optimization on image zone that are mostly invisible to human eye.
We also eliminate non-standard elements added by some image software such as photoshop or Gimp. This process is completelly lossy and can be reverted.

If nothing can be done because image have already been optimized, the script will detect that, then original image will be returned.

This is 2 JPG images side by size reduced by 45%, spot any difference?

photo compress


PNG & GIF image compress

For .png and gif images optimization, it's quite different, we use several methods.

  • Quantization
Quantization of colors is a process that reduces the number of distinct colors used in an image, usually with the intention that the new image should be as visually similar as possible to the original image. Wikipedia.
  • Stripping out "chunks"
  • Choosing a better pre-compression filter
  • Deflate compression algorithm enhancement

This was 2 PNG images side by size reduced by 65%, spot any difference?

photo png compress


PDF compress tool

We offer a PDF document compression specifically optimized for web-based publication. The quality for reading a PDF on the web will be close to the original. Depending of the tool and the quality setting used to generate the PDF, you can expect from 10% to 95%. Exceptional compression results can be applied on PDF exported for print using Adobe Indesign for example.

Optimizations are:

  • Image optimization
  • Colors resolution reduction for grayscale, bi-tonal images and indexed images
  • Color conversion
  • Subsetting of fonts
  • Removal of embedded standard fonts
  • Removal redundant objects
  • Remove alternative images
  • Remove metadata
  • Resize image at exact size


Compression options: best saving & original quality

Everything is a matter of balance between size and quality. We offer 2 options.

  • "Best saving" (lossy): we've tested a lot and setup a ratio between size and compression regarding our algorythm
  • "Original quality" (lossless): this is the best way to optimize your content with a lossless quality


How can I expect for my images?

Because we remove non-standard specific data inserted by some image software programs you can expect the best!

Example: when you export a JPG image for the web with Adobe Photoshop the compression is done on all the image not on specific element. With ImageRecycle you can save 70% of size for the same rendering.