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  3. Saturday, 08 October 2016
I've just installed your extension on my Joomla 3.4.2 site and although I received a confirmation that the extension installed with no problems, I am unable to open it. Trying to do so from the backend just looks like it's trying to load for a long time, then throws a 500 error. I can not find the requirements to run this extension on your site -- for instance, which version of php it requires. My site is running php 5.3.29. Please respond asap as I'd like to try this before my trial runs out.
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It could be because you have a lot of images and not enough memory or not enough time to handle the search.
You can try to increase you php.ini settings memory_limit and or max_execution_time.

Best regards.

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I need a recommendation here: Yes, we have lots and lots and lots of images--our images folder is 12G. I'm surprised this component needs to go through all of them just to OPEN. I've set php memory_limit to 256. Max_execution_time is now at 2400

It still gives me the same error. any other suggestions? I would really like to use this program. Is there a stand-alone application that would do better than the component running inside Joomla?
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The component list the files that are in the media folders by default. And this listing request can't be divided in multiple called.

There is a standalone application here https://www.imagerecycle.com/cms/standalone-image-compression but you may have the same problem.
Even if the standalone script can use another method to list files if an access to system functions are available.

You can give a try.

Best regards
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