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  3. Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I have one question regarding classifieds website.

I have classifieds website, and every ad is with picture (this means alot of pictures)

So currently the websites uses third party image upload system, it stores images to public_html/media/component_name/items/10 so every new ad gets new folder number, AD1 gets /10 , AD2 gets /11 in the path mentioned above.

So the images for AD1 are stored in public_html/media/component_name/items/10 ,

and for AD2 are stored in public_html/media/component_name/items/11

1. With your plugin for Joomla, can i automaticly compress images when user make AD?
2. Can i limit upload limit size?
3. Can i limit dimensions?
4. If i subscribe to one of your plan, can you help with this so i dont break my site?

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Yes you can include the root folder of your media and everything inside will be optimized automatically.

For the rest:
1. Yes sure
2-3. You can limit the file size to optimize and automatically resize images but after upload (see attached)
4. Yep sure, the access to the ticket support is included

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