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  3. Friday, 07 August 2015
I would like to batch optimize all images on site. Reason for purchase via shopify app.
I'm afraid I cannot continue to optimize in batches of 31 images. It's not a pleasant experience.

I would like to batch optimze all 900 images or run a cron job/or daily task to do so.

How can I do so within the shopify app? If not, can you enable this as soon as possible? Thanks!
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We are currently testing a new version which should be available next week, it will really improve the bulk optimization.

Once this first bulk optimization made you will not need anymore to do this because it's automatic.
Each new product you add will have its images optimized (Shopify sends a hook to our system to optimize it).

Please drop us a support ticket, we will ping you once the new version is ready ;)

Best regards.

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