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  3. Sunday, 07 May 2017
EN: Hello. Want to buy but are not able to pay any of your suggested ways. Tried with different browsers, cleaned the cache. What's the problem?
RU: Здравствуйте. Хочу купить функционал, но не могу оплатить никаким из предложенных вами способов. Пробовал с разных браузеров, чистил кэш. В чем проблема?
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We do have currently customers paying by Paypal, the issue should be on the Paypal server of you country.
This is a generic error from paypal, though it difficult to help you more on that.

I would recommend to use the Credit card payment option instead of the Paypal one.
If it's still not working please open a billing ticket here, we'll find a way to solve your issue : https://www.imagerecycle.com/my-account/support-ticket/department/billing-question

Best regards
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Thank you. Everything works: just purchased :)
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