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  3. Tuesday, 14 November 2017
I have signed up for a trial account 2 days ago, and tried resizing a few files and every thing looked great. So today I have tried to resize some more files and tried to download a zip file, but unfortunately I am not able to open the zip file in the folder where I want the images to be. The only way I could get is that tie images were too small thumbnails that are impossible to recognize and work with. This will force me to download the images one by one to a download folder and from there move them to the folder where I want them to be. Is there any way to drag the resized images to the folder I choose, and that they could be displayed in small thumbnails that is possible to recognize and work with.
Thanks in advance
PS. after having written the support ticket I tried go get back to the url of my download, but this was impossible to find . That 's why I an not attatch the url
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You means you used the online uploader and tried to download the zip of the images that were uploaded.
Then when you tried to extract images from the zip archive they were too small?

We have tried the online uploader with resizing option and don't have this issue.
If you have created a ticket our support team should have answered, then please follow with them on the ticket system to fix this issue, if not please open a ticket here : https://www.imagerecycle.com/my-account/support-ticket we'll help you to fix this issue.

Best regards,

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