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Dear Image Recycle supporter, Today I have dragged and dropped 510 images into the uploader. When these images were resized I clicked on the download zip file button I got a page saying sth. like false account. I don't know why this happened, because I already cheked my account and sow that I was already logged in and could view my api and quota then, I could click on uploader. Now after having resized these images I am not able to go back to download the zip file, and have to download the 510 images one by one. At the same time I dare not drop the images a new time. I look forward to hear from you about this matter.
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The uploader should only allow to send images by 20 (we'll check that to be sure it's working as expected)
Zipping this quantity of images would need to much server resources, our script cannot handle that and fails.
Please try to send images by 20 or use one of our tool for bulk image optimization in the CMS menu.

Best regards
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OK , thank you!
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