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  3. Friday, 29 November 2019

Is there a way to ask by cron to optimize new pictures only ?

I just moved my site on a new server and all picture are seen as "new" by ImageRecycle.

As they have all been already optimized, I don't want it to be done again and just need to optimze next pictures.

I already had this problem which burned all my quota...

Thanks for your help.
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Depends if you are under Joomla and Wordpress.
Under Joomla you can configure in the extensions settings if you want to optimize only new images on upload, or let the extension optimize automatically all non optimized images.
Our script rely on md5 sum to determine if the images has already been optimized or not, but during your migration you must have transfered the database.

If you need a technical help, please open a support ticket, a dedicated developer will help you to sort it out.

Best regards
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It's second time with got this problem.
Last time, it was after imagerecycle and joomla update, a few weeks ago.
About 2,5 Go had been "optimize" again... :-(
We finally stopped it, resetting the API.
Thanks for your answer. Now we'll just optimize manually the biggest pictures. No risks anymore...
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