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  3. Monday, 09 December 2019
Could you please stop loading down the Wordpress debug.log file with extraneous information? My debug.log file is an essential part of my site's development and maintenance and your plugin is loading it down with thousands of these extraneous entries, making it difficult to siphon through to get to actual debug information:
[09-Dec-2019 11:04:24 UTC] queue count:0
[09-Dec-2019 11:04:24 UTC] auto_optimize is complete

Please either give us an option to disable these log entries, or remove them entirely. They serve absolutely NO purpose in the debug.log file when the plugin is working normally. In the mean time I'll hack class-image-otimizer.php but hope that you'll remedy this soon so I don't have to keep editing your file.

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Hi Andy,

I understand your point, it helps us with the support in some case that's why we're using it.
Could you please drop us a ticket, the developer maybe able to do it without a hack ;)

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Thanks, will do.
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