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  3. Wednesday, 11 December 2019
I was expecting that the test results for my domain would improve. Is this improvement?
  1. https://gtmetrix.com/reports/canon.org/p7QvkNon
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GTMettrix ranking is based on multiple points.
ImageRecycle doesn't handle the html resizing in your content, this should be handled by your theme or extension which is using the image.

We can neither optimize image which are hosted on other servers.

Please also make sure to add in the component configuration the module folder, this is not optimized by default.

About the Perry1.jpg and 4 we'll see why we can't get this last 8% optimization.

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What I meant was that the report referenced shows D (69) for Optimize images. When I look through the folder at the actual optimization on each image it appears to be < 3% for most images. Is that what the extension is shooting for?

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