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Hi guys,
I've compressed a bunch of images and then clicked download button to save them in .zip i got an error message. So i see my images in history where are almost 11 000 of images and i need to get them as .zip file. How can i get them all? I could not save them per one image because i'll take a lot of time. I need all package how do i save them all?
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It seems that you didn't received my email replies.
I'm sorry this is not a feature we provide, you can download files file on the uploader when you send it, but we don't have a feature to download them all as a zip file.
Moreover 11000 images would be too big to get it as a zip.

However this is possible though the API requests https://www.imagerecycle.com/image-and-pdf-compression-api and some line of code.

Best regards,
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