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  3. Monday, 06 April 2020
Problem: Compressed (but not resized) many images over a month. Now, being unable to revert them, because over a month has passed, I am not able to resize them, which just came to my mind now.

Easy "fix": Increase the one month backup/revert option.

More information/context:
The support told me:
"The images you have optimized, you need to revert to be able to resize the images as well as re-optimize them."

I don't like that compromise. I had to manually reupload all files (and also rename them!), so that Image Recycle would resize and then again compress the images.

Goal:I really think there should be an option to resize images which have already been comperssed.
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Thanks for contacting us.
The image backup storage is something that is very important for users yet it cost money and represent GB and GB of data that's why it's not that easy to increase :) So we had to fix a limit.
But resizing images after compression the images could be an option.

Another question what plugin are you using, is the WordPress one?

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still, 10$ for 1 GB in 2020 seems out of scale. Data storage, at least nowadays, became very cheap. The "limit" should be for the whole time the account runs, and not just 1 month. There are free alternatives to ImageRecycle, only missing the backup storage. The backup storage is, as you say, your most liked feature, so I would really invest in that and increase the 1 month limit.

Anyway, resizing images after compression would definitely be an option.

I am using the Joomla one.

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