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  3. Wednesday, 20 May 2020
I thought once I enable the plugin, it will optimize any media I upload. But it didn't. It seems we have to manually optimize them. It makes little sense, does it?
The whole idea is to always have optimized media and compression. So what happens to performance if we only improve on it, when each day, we manually optimize??
Does that make sense to you??
I am using wp-media-folder and addons.
Please advise. I was very excited over your plugin. Its compression algorithm is fantastic, but I assumed it does as the name implies, auto-optimize.
I am hoping it is my mistake somewhere with the setup.
Please let me know.
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Thanks for your feedback!
Yes sure the optimization is automatic on new image upload (unless you disable it from the plugin settings). Once you run the first all media optimisation, on new upload it's automatic.
If it's not working, please do post a support ticket here, we can take a look at that.

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