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  2. Joomla extension question
  3. Thursday, 20 August 2020
Hi I have just installed the component on my Joomla site and it keeps looping. I cannot even log in to the account the page keeps reloading whenever i go to the component. Uninstalling and a fresh install did not help. This doesn't happen on my other sites. Pls help.
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My web host suggests that the component is not compatible with another.
'We have disabled any security on the server-level, and this doesn't help. The fact that only this plugin facing such an issue indicates it's the plugin problem i.e conflicting with your other plugins, etc.
In this case, you should try consulting the plugin provider. The looping doesn't generate any error logs so we can't know for sure. I've tested with mod_sec and .htaccess rules disabled yet the issue persists."

I have Guru LMS Pro, Kunena Forum and King LMS Pro installed. These are the only components not found on my other websites.
Could you confirm if Image Recyle is incompatible with any of these?
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  2. Joomla extension question
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There's no known incompatibility with this component. Could you drop us a private ticket?
The developer in charge will fix that for you.

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  2. Joomla extension question
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I have already submitted a private ticket yesterday.
Just wondering how soon the developer would be able to look into this? Thanks
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  2. Joomla extension question
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