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Best Image Compression Tools for Websites

Using a compression tool is one of the best options when you are managing a website because as everybody knows, the media could be a real headache due to the storage space they occupy and it can be a good reason for clients to just go out from your site, to be honest, nobody wants to wait minutes just to load one image in this era.



So what is the trouble when we are trying to save storage space? The quality of the images, in the past we had to sacrifice the image quality just to save a little space… But no more! In this post, we are going to list the top 5 on imagen compression tools:


Image Compression Software: ImageOptim

JPEG optimizer


ImageOptim is really easy to use compression tool, as you can see this is not a traditional compression tool for website, neither an online compression but a software to install on your machine. When managing wbesite, you can upload directly your images and let an image compression do the work ot you can resize and compress images then send them online  

The best option if you want are working mainly on offline images, for example for print, and you have the time to apply the compression on every images. Imageoptim is compressin PNG and JPEG but not PDF


ImageRecycle, Images and PDF Compression



ImageRecycle is the most complete compression tool we can find on the internet as it has a lot of tools that can be really useful for your website.

This is not only an image compression that accepts all major formats as you are going to be able to compress PDFs too, so yes you thought you couldn’t compress other think than images well the answer is Yes! It is totally possible, you can also save some storage by compressing your PDF files.

image pdf compression

It is not only available on its online website as you can use it on all the versions like Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento and there is also an API for developers to use ImageRecycle capabilities so you won’t have to go to the ImageRecycle page every time you want to optimize an image. A PHP script to compress image and PDF can also be installed on your own server. From your member area page, there is also a tool that offers you the possibility to analyze your website in order to understand how much do you need to optimize your images.

As it has a trial period of 15 days with a limit of 100mb in order to test there are also some plans that you can use in order to have more compression quota and you can create subaccounts with a customized quota of your total quota for clients that you want to allow to use your one-time membership. Your files are going to be safe as ImageRecycle stores a backup of all your images in their server for one month sou you will have the possibility to restore your file with just one click.


Tiny PNG, PNG (and JPG) image compression

Tiny PNG


Tiny PNG is a veteran tool, we can’t make a top without this old compression tool, it is just the oldest and most popular free compression tool, this tool has evolved over time to stay alive and remain very useful and a good option when compressing your images.

It allows you to upload up to 20 images in one go and up to 100 images a month. The image size for each image should not be more than 5 MB. This tool accepts JPEG and PNG images for compression.


Compressor.io, online lossy compression

compressor io


Compressor.io has a really intuitive interface and allows you to compress the image up to 90% so you will be able to reduce the file size to the minimum.

This tool allows you to compress some file types as it optimizes JPG, PNEG, Gifs and SVG files in a really easy way.

It seems to be amazing and it makes amazing compressions but you will have to upload your images one by one so it could be really tedious work.


Online Image Optimizer

online image optimizer


Online Image Optimizer gives you the option to compress all major formats to make all your images load really fast, this online tool also allows you to change the format of your image so it will be easy to change it if you don’t like the format of an image in your website.

It only allows you to upload an image at a time and has a maximum file size of 2.86 MB.



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