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Compress and SpeedUp FooGallery Images for WordPress

One of the things we take in mind when we choose a good plugin to manage media in our Wordpress site is how fast it loads and the impact it causes in our servers but with the magic ImageRecycle’s magic, you can use all media manager in your site without worrying about the space that images will occupy on your server.


FooGallery is a gallery manager that everybody should know because it allows you to use a lot of options to create awesome responsive galleries and the best part is that ImageRecycle is totally compatible with FooGallery.

With ImageRecycle you won’t have to go and compress each image one by one, you have a lot of options like bulk selection, compress by clicking just one button or the option to compress all media and the best of all is that these options are really easy to use.


 Use the Wordpress FooGallery as you Want

There are a lot of really good galleries manager plugins for Wordpress that give you a lot of options and tools to make the best galleries on your site in order to show it really professional, one of these plugins is FooGallery, which is a really good plugin.

FooGallery, as everybody knows, is a plugin to create highly responsive galleries that offer you a lot of tools and galleries for free, there is also a pro version that offers you more benefits and features.

ImageRecycle is the best combination you can use for FooGallery because you are going to be able to combine the awesome galleries with really light images with the best resolution.

Performing Galleries with ImageRecycle Image Compression

In order to have the most professional website, we have to use high-quality images on professional and responsive galleries but the most important fact is that all your galleries should load fast and the images shouldn’t take up much server space.

Use ImageRecycle with all major galleries manager is really easy, you just have to identify the images you want to use and go to the ImageRecycle dashboard in order to select and compress all the images for the gallery you are going to create or is already posted.

The best way to show how to compress images is with an example, so we are going to create and compress a gallery, take in mind that you can do this with non-created and published galleries.

Gallery Example

These are the images that we are going to use for the new gallery, so we’re just going to upload the pictures and save as a draft.

Now that we have uploaded the images that we are going to use in the gallery, we can go to the ImageRecycle dashboard in order to select and compress the images, just go to Media > ImageRecycle.

Media ImageRecycle

First of all, you are going to be able to see some filters that we can use to find images faster, filters are:

-All / Optimized / Not Optimized.

-Type of files(JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF).

-By Date.

For this example, we are going to use JPG files uploaded on February 2020 that are not optimized so these are the filters that we are going to use:

ImageRecycle Filter

Finally, just click on “Filter”, there is also a textbox to search for an exact image by its name.

image dashboard filtered

Now you should be able to see only the image that matches with the filter, now you have three different options to optimize images, these options are:


One by one

You can optimize an image just by clicking on the “Optimize” button that is located at the “action” section after it.

Optimize one option

After click on it, you will be able to see how much the image has been compressed on the “Compression” section.


Bulk Selection

There is an option that you can use if you want to compress only a selection of images.

Just click on the checkbox that is before the images you want to select and then on the dropdown options, choose “Optimize selected” and click on “Apply”.

bulk select optimization

You will see a circle loading on the left side of the “Optimize” button, at the end of the process, you will see the compression rate on the “Compression” section.


Optimize All

The last option is the one you should use if you want to optimize all your the images shown with the filter.

For this option, you only have to click on the “Optimize All” button that is after the bulk options.

optimize all option

You will be able to see a loading bar that shows you the images that are going to be compressed and the ones that have been compressed with an estimated of how much time it is going take.

processing all images

This process is going to be done on the background so you will be able to use WordPress as usual.

use wordpress normally advise

These are the options available to compress images with ImageRecycle, as you can see, these are really easy to use and allows you to optimize your images as you want.

You will also have the option to revert images to original because ImageRecycle stores a backup of all your files for one month, awesome! Isn’t it? :).


Use FooGallery Plugin and ImageRecycle as the Best Combination Ever

Now you can see how easy it is to use ImageRecycle and FooGallery plugin and the best part is that both plugins have a FREE version to use and their respective PRO features so you will be able to start to create galleries and optimize them with a free version at the start! Go here now and download ImageRecycle.

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