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How to Compress Images for Envira Gallery

ImageRecycle is well-known for compressing WordPress gallery images. It’s straightforward enough if you use WordPress’ native media library, but the capabilities of other gallery managers might be too tempting to stave off. Does it have to be between choosing ImageRecycle’s image compression and those galleries? Not really!


ImageRecycle is compatible with all WordPress image galleries. As long as the images are stored on your server, there is little standing between you and compressed images. In this article, we will take a look at how ImageRecycle’s features can be put to use with Envira Gallery, one of the most popular WordPress gallery manager plugins.


Linking Envira Gallery with ImageRecycle

Envira Gallery markets itself as a beautiful gallery manager, and it certainly is minimalistic and elegant. If that sounds appealing, maybe you are already using Envira Gallery to manage your WordPress images. Whether your Envira Gallery images are big or small in size, there are only benefits to compressing them.

However, if you head to ImageRecycle, you will find that you cannot compress any of these images. The reason is very simple: Envira Gallery and WordPress store images in different folders, and ImageRecycle does not have any knowledge about that.

1. Configuration


To compress images, you need to make these images known to ImageRecycle. To find out where Envira Gallery stores images, head to an existing gallery, or create one if you haven’t already. Click on a file, copy the URL’s directory and head to ImageRecycle’s settings page.

One of ImageRecycle’s settings is the include folders option. Click on the folder icon, find the folder where Envira Gallery stores images and tick the box next to it. Envira Gallery images are usually stored in the wp-content/uploads directory and are separated by year and month of upload. Save changes and return to ImageRecycle.


Optimizing Envira Gallery Images

Back in ImageRecycle, you might be surprised that your Envira Gallery images are still not visible. To get them to show, press on the index images button to refresh ImageRecycle’s knowledge of the images that are available. When you refresh, the Envira Gallery images should appear in ImageRecycle.

2. Index Images


To optimize images, it suffices to click on the optimize button next to them. If you are a long-term user of Envira Gallery, and you have accumulated a large number of images, you can optimize all of them at once. Just like that, Envira Gallery images are compressed, like the rest of your native WordPress media.

Sometimes it might take some extra work, but whether you are using NextGEN Gallery, Envira Gallery, or any other WordPress gallery manager, ImageRecycle has got you covered. With a one-time setup, you can bring all of ImageRecycle’s powers to Envira Gallery, ensuring that your WordPress images and your users’ experience remain optimized.

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