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Image Compression for Envira Gallery

Image Recycle is the best option when we talk about image compression, we can use it in the default media library perfectly, that is really helpful but this awesome tool is also compatible with all media library so you are not just limited to that old default media library.

Everybody knows about Envira Gallery and how great it is when we talk about creating responsive and awesome galleries, the best part of this is that you can also compress images from Envira Gallery with ImageRecycle.

ImageRecycle logo The best part of this is how easy it is to do because you won’t have to paste some images in one page one by one or upload/download them because you are going to be able to use the ImageRecycle plugin and don’t worry, in this post we are going to teach you how to do it.


Wordpress Envira Gallery, a Really Good Option for Galleries Creation

Envira Gallery is an excellent option when you are creating galleries for your professional site because of the templates that it offers you and all the functions to make galleries better and better for your site.

envira gallery logo

ImageRecycle works perfectly with this plugin because you are going to be able to make these galleries faster and light thanks to the great compression that this plugin makes.

With a simple setup, your site is going to be the most elegant and fast site on the internet thanks to the great galleries that Envira offers you and the fast loading of your light images offered by the great compression function of ImageRecycle.


Setting ImageRecycle to Compress Image Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is an excellent media manager and it has a lot of options in order to customize and add functions to your galleries which is really helpful when you are customizing your website in order to make it more professional.

If you go to ImageRecycle dashboard you will realize that images from Envira Gallery are not there but don’t worry, it is just because Envira Gallery doesn’t store its images on the default root WordPress folder and it can be solved. 

If you click on an image from Envira Gallery, you are going to be able to see the root of that image on the “URL” section, just check the root of the folder where that image is stored.

root envira folder

Now that you have checked the root, go to Settings > ImageRecycle and on the “Include Folder” option click at the folder icon and select the folder where the images are stored for Envira Gallery.

include imagerecycle folder

Now just save the changes and go to ImageRecycle, everything is set in order to start to compress all images on Envira Gallery.



Make Your Wordpress Galleries Faster

Now that everything is set, you only have to follow the steps that you usually have followed before with other images in your media library.

Go to Media > ImageRecycle and click on “Index images”, ImageRecycle will index all images automatically.

index images

There are 3 different forms to compress your images:


One by One

You can just click on the “Compress” button that is located at the end of the section where the file that you want to compress is.

optimize one image

It will compress that image for you.


Bulk Selection

There is an option to select and compress all images that you want, just click the checkbox before the thumbnail of the images that you want to compress.

bulk envira selection

After finishing the selection, click on the dropdown box called “Bulk Selection” and select “Optimize Selected”, finally click on “Apply”.

apply bulk optimize

All images that you have selected are going to be automatically compressed with only two clicks.


Compress All Images

If you want to compress all images, you can do it by clicking only one button.

After the Bulk option is a button called “Optimize All”, just click on it and everything is going to be made automatically.

optimize all images

Depending on your server and the images that you want to optimize, it could take more or less time, you can also stop the optimization when you want just by clicking on “Stop optimization”.

It is important to know that ImageRecycle offers you a backup of all your images, it means that you are going to be able to revert the compress option for one month so if you see that you have compressed an image that you didn’t want to compress, you are going to be able to restore it just by clicking on restore button that is going to be located where was the compress button before.

revert images

Now you only have to go here, download the Wordpress version of ImageRecycle and remember that you can always purchase more quota of compression in order to have all your images with the best performance.



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