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ImageRecycle, image and PDF optimization

We are happy to launch our image and PDF optimizing service, ImageRecycle. We have developed a unique algorithm that optimizes content with advanced API configurations, CMS integrations and more.

Make a website load faster

Overall you will have 2 main things to handle:

  • The server
  • The content

The server will determine how fast your CMS or any system will be executed. A fast server combined with a fast connexion will determine that the content will be send quickly to the final user.
The content of your website and it's optimization will determine the amount of data that the final user will have to download to display a page. Additionnaly the final user connexion speed will do the rest.

How can I optimize my website?

It's a braod topic, there is hundreds of optimization method for a website. Most of those methods are highly technical and based on data compression or caching.

We can quote:

  • Caching database request
  • Caching data on browser
  • Server side data compression
  • File minify
  • CDN
  • Asynchronous loading methods

Few of those methods are working on the basis: your content: Images and PDF.


Why should you optimize your image and PDF?

Make a website optimization can take as long and develop a whole website design and content. But it's so important to have a website that load faster, mainly for final customer comfort then for SEO and business purposes

Images and PDF can represent more than 70% of your whole website weight. To serve your content faster web pages need to be as light as possible, this is even more important for mobile with slow connexion.

We are thinking that is the first thing that you need to optimize. We have automatized the process with API, CMS extensions and easy to use multi file uploader.

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