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Joomla Image Compression with Speed Cache

We are happy to announce a full integration of ImageRecycle service with Speed Cache optimization extension. An ImageRecycle quota is now integrated in the extension memberships along with all other optimizations (static cache, minification and many more).

Image compression quota included:

  • 6 month membership: get a 1GB quota available for all your websites
  • 1 year membership: get a 3GB quota available for all your websites



Speed Cache features: Joomla Optimization

Speed Cache full optimization features are:

  • Browser cache cleanable
  • Cache for guests and loggedin users
  • Preload cache after clean
  • All cache system autoclean
  • Image Compression
  • Add and setup Expire headers
  • Include - Exclude URLs from cache
  • Use rules to Include/Exclude a set of URLs from cache  
  • Auto add URL to cache from new menu

Speed Cache DETAILS




Image Compression with ImageRecycle

Speed Cache is integrated with ImageRecycle service, you'll get image compression quota included in extension memberships. Just subcribe to one extension membership and get either a 1GB or a 3GB plan included:

  • Speed Cache 6 month support: get a 1 GB quota available for all your websites
  • Speed Cache 1 year support: get a 3 GB quota available for all your websites




Chrome Extension for Caching Performance Test

If the cache have been served using Speed Cache Joomla extension, the chrome extension will return a green symbol, if not it's grey, as simple as that!
Furthermore, the chrome cache checker displays general information like: Total page loading time, Varnish server cache activation, When the Varnish cache have been generated (current or previous request) + Details of the loading time by element: Waiting browser reply, Redirect (if any), DNS resolution, Connect to server Details of the loading time by element: Content sending, Reveive, Unload time, Dom time, Load time.





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