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Performance hike & New options for the WordPress plugin 2.0

Storage is expensive, and ImageRecycle is the perfect WordPress companion to keep costs low. The latest updates to ImageRecycle also recognize the importance of your productivity thanks to a suite of new features to help you save time, and not just space.

New API & Better Performance

Among the numerous new features, we’re excited to announce that as from this new version, ImageRecycle has moved to a new API. What does that mean? In essence, ImageRecycle now comes with an impressive speed bump in its optimization process. In fact, optimizing your pictures and PDF files is now 50% faster! 

Background Optimization

Time is of the essence, and that’s why ImageRecycle now supports background optimization. Thus, when optimizing a large number of images and PDF files, you may continue working on your WordPress posts simultaneously without having to wait for the process to finish.



When optimizing, ImageRecycle informs you that it is working in the background and also provides you with an approximation of how long it expects to take to compress your files.

Accompanying this background optimization feature is also a new addition to ImageRecycle that allows you to be notified when your files are finished being optimized. This option is turned on by default, but may be accessed from the ImageRecycle settings on your WordPress website.



New Media Filtering Tools

ImageRecycle’s new version also gives you more control over what files you see in your WordPress Media Library, and what to do with them. A new filtering system has been put in place for your image files or PDF documents, allowing you to seeoptimized or unoptimized files only, or all files in the default view.



With the latest update to ImageRecycle, sorting through files has been facilitated. You may use your improved Media Library to sort files based on their name, size or status, in both descending and ascending order without having to refresh the page. All it takes is clicking on the file attribute you want to use to toggle between ordering modes.



And what better way to find your files if not with a search engine? ImageRecycle now offers this facility right from your Media Library, and using it couldn’t be any simpler. Just type in what you’re looking for and press Enter. If you want to revert to the full file listing, remove everything and press Enter again!



ImageRecycle saves you plenty of time, and now you may also apply bulk optimization actions on your files, instead of choosing images or PDF documents one-by-one. To optimize or revert multiple files at one go, tick the ones you want to affect, choose the bulk action you want to use, and click on apply!



Consumption Quota

Finally, keeping an eye on how much you’ve used up of your consumption quota has also been simplified. To check your consumption limit and how much storage you’ve used with ImageRecycle, simply head to your settings page - the status is right on top!


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