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Shopify Image Compression Quality


We do care about your image quality, our algorithm has 2 levels of compression for images and one for the PDF. In all optimization levels, we first check the image quality, if it's already too much compressed and it'll be visible, we automatically skip the compression process.

The "Best saving" or "Lossy" image optimization quality is the best choice for the web, you preserve all the visual quality while compressing image by up to 80%

The original quality is the best option when you want to compress yet be able to reuse and modify images layer by preserving 100% of the image data. Image can be compressed by up to 20%


Compress All Shopify Images Sizes


When you upload an image following the Shopify image size recommendations, the system will automatically generate different image size for all the product views and mobile devices.

The Shopify image compression is made just before that image resizing, meaning that all the images sizes generated after that will also be compressed. This optimization method offers the advantages of:

  • Saving server resources (space)
  • Only pay for original image compression, not all sizes


Shopify Bulk Image Compression


After install, a welcome screen will be displayed in order to calculate the image amount you have on your shop. It may takes few minutes depending of the amount of images to compress (some users got more than 30K images).

Once the process ended, the optimization price will be displayed. The price is fix and based 0.01 cent per image. As example, for 1000 images you'll be charged $10. 


Auto Optimize Shopify Images: Background Compression


Once it's approved the bulk optimization will start. 1000 image compression will takes around 15 minutes. The task will run in background so you can leave the page and come back later :). The optimization process will run in background, meaning that you can work with Shopify during this time and you'll get Emailed once it's done!


Optimize Automatically New Shopify Product Images


Stay focused on your work while we're dealing with the image compression. You have a setting to automatically optimize new images.


Shopify Images Backup and Restore


We store a Shopify image backup (encrypted) during the backup storage time (1 month). During this period you can revert to original images, all reverted media will be replaced on your shop automatically.

revert image


Shopify Image Optimization Quality and Exclusion by Media Type

Quality options can be defined per content type. For example, if you want to disable PNG optimization to keep original quality for print, you can select No compression for this format.




Search and Filtering Your Shopify Media

Several options to find your product images and assets images are available such as:

  • A search engine
  • A filtering by optimization status
  • A filtering by assets images / products images



List your Shopify Compressed Images


You can also list your images by date and check the compression that has been applied. Happy optimization!


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