High traffic website case study

Case study high trafic

Save server resources, get better SEO

Mind your page load time, note that the crawl works on a budget - if it spends too much time crawling your huge images or PDFs, there will be no time left to visit your other pages. 2 years ago, Stackexchange website have reduces his page weight by 2 with a full content optimization. The crawled pages number stats from Google Webmaster Tools report an increase of 100% of the indexed pages.

On high traffic website you can expect a major impact on:

  • SEO rank with a better crawling frequency
  • Save CDN and server resources

The page analyzed: A famous car manufacturer, General Motors. With 12k visitors per day, it's one of the 10000 biggest website in the world.
Speed analysis tool: Google Page speed
Image optimization: Before optimization, image size are 3640KB (3.6MB), after it's only 1112KB (1.1MB)

Considering 100M visitors per month with an average of the CDN cost witch comes per data volume, GM will save $25000/year.

general motors


Here's an illustration of the impact of the image optimization on the loading time, considering the internet connection speed with phone, ADSL/cable. On 3G connection image loading time is divided by 2.5.

Before, loading time in secAfter, loading time in sec
@3G/3G+ mobile speed11335
@1024KB speed288
@10MB speed20.2