Communication case study

Case study communication

Content compression is the most efficient way 

When you've finished a website for you or your client, then the time of optimization comes. You've created an amazing design with full width slideshow, blog views, banners...
There's a lot of tools and tricks to optimize a website, overall you there's 2 main things to handle:

  • The server side optimization
  • The content side optimization

Fast loading time is better for SEO

The most efficient tools are definitively caching content, CDN and content compression combined.

Optimization will improve your SEO rank with a better Google crawling frequency and will keep your visitor on board. Let's go back to our communication website example.

The page analyzed: A famous car manufacturer,, 100M visitors per day
Elements: Car presentation, full width slideshow
Image optimization: Before optimization, image size are 631KB, after it's only 372KB, it's 41% better.



How much time visitors will save

Before, loading time in secAfter, loading time in sec
@3G/3G+ mobile speed1911
@1024KB speed42
@10MB speed0.50.1