Ecommerce case study

Ecommerce case study

Running an Ecommerce website: save loading time and earn money

Amazon's calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost 1% in sales each year (1.6 billion). Discover how ImageRecycle can reach the speed mentioned bellow on your website.

Running an Ecommerce website, speed is one of the key to do better sales, for 2 main reasons:

  • User hates to wait
  • Ecommerce product pages are usually more complex and heavy than average web pages

Plus, we have free Shopify and Magento eshop extension available, make everything running in one click.


Page analysis

The page analyzed: eBay page, composed by 5 images, 3 sizes (navigation thumbnails, medium size and full size) + website theme images. Total is 1.5MB.
Speed analysis tool: Google Page speed
Page optimization: Before optimization, size is 1500KB, after it's only 615KB

Here's an illustration of the impact of the image optimization on the loading time, considering the internet connection speed with phone, ADSL/cable. On 3G connection image loading time is divided by 2.5.

Before, loading time in secAfter, loading time in sec
@3G/3G+ mobile speed239
@1024KB speed114
@10MB speed1.50.2