Metadata management now in ImageRecycle!

ImageRecycle is a tool that lets you upload and optimize your images, but the new update does much more than that, allowing you further freedom in securing your files. In fact, the latest version of ImageRecycle achieves this by allowing you to remove some or all of the so-called image metadata.

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Embed media in Joomla and make it loading fast

I guess you’ve already experienced to put online large documents (like documentation) with a lot media inside, using Joomla.

You have different choices that impact the page speed and the user experience:

  • Make the document available as HTML, best choice for SEO, not always attractive to read
  • Make the document as a downloadable PDF
  • Embed the document as a Google document

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PDF optimization reports

Optimizing your WordPress website’s PDF and media files with ImageRecycle is a handy and automatic tool to save server space. Nonetheless, the process could take some time, and that is where PDF reports come in.

ImageRecycle’s PDF reports are a useful feature to give you a preview of how much your site could benefit from optimization... And they’re free! This section can be accessed from ImageRecycle’s website. Once you are logged in, you can head to the reports page from the My Account tab to generate a PDF report.

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Faster and better, Joomla component 2.0

Web storage is not cheap, and nor is it fun looking for files to delete in order to free up space. And that is where Image Recycle comes into the picture. The new updates to Joomla’s Image Recycle plugin build upon the extension’s core values of optimizing your PDF files and images to save you space. However, they also go one step further, saving you more time, and simultaneously allowing you to stay on top of everything.

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New memberships available

We are happy to announce that we have new memberships available: 5 new one time membership plans.

Why is that?

We've listened to you! we understand that you need to optimize a bunch of images on the early time of subscritpion and need the whole membership quota from the beginning of the subscription. This is the main purpose of the one time plans.

You've got 5 plans with a fixed quota available for a year: 1GB, 3GB, 10GB, 25GB, 50GB.

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