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How to Compress Images for Envira Gallery

ImageRecycle is well-known for compressing WordPress gallery images. It’s straightforward enough if you use WordPress’ native media library, but the capabilities of other gallery managers might be too tempting to stave off. Does it have to be between choosing ImageRecycle’s image compression and those galleries? Not really!

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Best Image Compression Tools for Websites

Using a compression tool is one of the best options when you are managing a website because as everybody knows, the media could be a real headache due to the storage space they occupy and it can be a good reason for clients to just go out from your site, to be honest, nobody wants to wait minutes just to load one image in this era.

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Optimizing NextGEN Gallery Images with ImageRecycle

ImageRecycle is a plugin that helps you compress images, such as those you upload on WordPress and Joomla. That much should be clear if you have been following ImageRecycle’s plugin development. What may not be immediately obvious is that ImageRecycle is much more versatile than that.

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How to compress images on a WordPress Multisite

One of the most common problems in multisite wordpress is the space that the images occupy in the different sites, of course, there are currently many plugins that help us with that but can cause problems in our multisite wordpress but that’s not a problem anymore with ImageRecycle.

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Complementing Lazy Loading with Image Compression

Over the past few months, we have talked up the importance of image compression. Whether in Joomla , WordPress, Drupal or any other CMS, image compression improve the page weight, therefore the global loading time. On the other hand image lazy loading facilitates browsing your website by postponing image loading until when your readers get to images.

By postponing image loading, mobile readers can save on their data plan. Everyone else benefits from faster loading times, which in turn boosts your SEO score. The positive impact of lazy loading is significant enough that Google Chrome is planning to adopt the technique natively in future updates.

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Joomla Image Compression with Speed Cache

We are happy to announce a full integration of ImageRecycle service with Speed Cache optimization extension. An ImageRecycle quota is now integrated in the extension memberships along with all other optimizations (static cache, minification and many more).

Image compression quota included:

  • 6 month membership: get a 1GB quota available for all your websites
  • 1 year membership: get a 3GB quota available for all your websites

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