Optimizing Images for WordPress’ Divi Builder

ImageRecycle can do wonders for your WordPress blog and its images. With ImageRecycle’s compression, you can optimize images by compressing them by up to 80% of their original sizes. That is all well and good, but your WordPress media is not there just to occupy server space. Your WordPress media is there to be seen.

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Optimizing Images for WordPress Elementor Plugin

The concept of modular blocks making up WordPress posts and pages arrived alongside Gutenberg, but really, WordPress itself is modular in structure. Take your WordPress Media Library, for example. You can upload images and use them in posts or pages, regardless of the editor that you are using. In this article, we focus specifically on Elementor, and how you can optimize images using ImageRecycle.

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Best WordPress Media Library Management Plugins

If you want to have a really professional WordPress site to grow up your business or you have a WordPress site and you want to take the next step, you should know that one of the most important parts of your site is the media library and you will have to have it organized.

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Joomla Responsive Image Using srcset and Compression

Optimization? Check. Lazy loading? Check again. Still, your Joomla! website feels clunky and it takes too long to load on mobile devices and slow connections. Despair not—this is when the HTML structure comes in handy; more precisely, the image source sets, or the srcset attribute.

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Compress and SpeedUp FooGallery Images for WordPress

One of the things we take in mind when we choose a good plugin to manage media in our Wordpress site is how fast it loads and the impact it causes in our servers but with the magic ImageRecycle’s magic, you can use all media manager in your site without worrying about the space that images will occupy on your server.

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Use and Compress Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash Images on your Website

If you are on a shoestring budget or if you are looking for a one-off stock image to use, the websites to choose from are ever-growing. From Pixabay and Pixels to Unsplash, the alternatives won’t leave you hanging.

One consideration with stock images is their size: high quality images are usually big in size as well. If user experience is a priority—as it should—using these images is not just about finding them, but also about delivering them as fast as possible. ImageRecycle’s compression is one solution to help you compress images from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash and other stock image websites for your WordPress blog.

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